meet françois

François is the store's pet. He is the kid who makes us feel cool.
On top of that, he is a hard worker. He has been as busy as anybody
else doing what he can to get BlackBlue ready. He is there when
Steve is making important calls and needs a ride around the store.
François doesn't ask why, he is just happy to help. He is strong, too.
The old door mirrors were super heavy and François was like
"Pas de probleme. Let me do it." I mean dude's awesome! (He did
get a little tired though and had to take a quick nap by the table.)

These last couple days, François seems a bit distant. It could be that
there is a rather large 1920's Chinese Deco rug right in the middle of
his playground. He agrees that the rug is pretty rad but let's hope that
Steve takes him outside more often to make him feel better.