rex mills printing

The other day we headed over to Rex Mills Printing to talk about letter pressed business cards for BlackBlue.
It was highly recommended to us, but we were not prepared for the radicalness of the place.
I almost jumped out of the moving car when I first saw the front of the store.

This is Jim. Jim is a craftsman. Jim has worked at Rex for 35 years.
And Jim is now one of our favorite people in the entire world.
I started taking pictures when he wasn't looking, fearing he would object.
But he was cool. Super cool. He shared stories about the place.
About Rex, the guy who started it all and about past co-workers.
I was so enchanted that I hardly listened to anything else.
He and Steve talked business (cards) and I walked around,
taking in everything with the crappy camera of my phone.

The place is unreal. It's full of machinery, beautifully letter-pressed stuff,
other printed stuff, paper, plants, odd objects, Jim, paper, paper and paper.
I have an inexplicable love for paper to begin with, but it was merciless what this place did to me.

I tried, without great success, to take a picture of myself in the space
but I did manage to take one of the "Fleet Foxes" t-shirt that I borrowed from Sara.
Speaking of clothes, we loved Jim's outfit too. From the apron
(that reads Fox River Paper with a cute illustration of a cute fox),
to his loose, rolled, light gray jeans paired with a striped navy polo shirt
and his Vans-like shoes. You cannot go wrong. Steve is wearing
my favorite jeans of his.

If you ever are in the area, do yourself a favor and stop by Rex Mills Printing
(1914 Washington Ave North # 1, Minneapolis 55411). You will die.

The place is so punk rock, it doesn't even believe in interwebs.
All Jim needs is a phone number, fax number and word of mouth.
Thanks Jamie, Aaron and Will for your recommendation.