Since BlackBlue is primarily a menswear store,
we thought we should do a post similar to Patuu's
but this time with a man. So we thought of Ted.
Unlike Patuu, Ted came in with pants on. He
wore a nice pair of his own jeans that we rolled
for most of the shoot. We love haphazardly
rolled pants.

When asked if he would be up for a modeling gig,
Ted said, and we quote: "I think I have a beautiful
body and would be perfect for that. I don't know
why no one has ever asked me before." Surprising,
indeed. We're not naming names, but some of us here
at BlackBlue have a huge crush on Ted. Maybe it's
because among other very excellent things, he plays
the pedal steel in several bands. And beautifully so.

Anyway, here's what we did. You might notice the
same pieces we put on Patuu.

Thanks, Ted.