shawn and angel nails

No. No. No. Steve and Shawn are not in a metal band called ANGEL NAILS,
even though Steve’s facial expression says that he might be. (We venture to
guess he is just starting to resent being photographed all the time. Sorry, Steve.)

These two are in fact trying on the t-shirts specially made for the art opening
that BlackBlue is hosting this Friday, the 13th. The imagery is from a Polaroid
picture taken by Nadine Gross, our photographer du jour. The legend is that,
one night years ago, Nadine came upon a defunct manicure parlor’s sign
discarded in some dark ditch and she thought it a perfect subject for her
photography. BlackBlue agrees. This is easily one of our favorites. You will
have to stop by tomorrow to see the print in person and perhaps get yourself
one of these t-shirts from the very limited run of 20.

BlackBlue will have a sale during the event. 10% OFF ALL THINGS!


Thank you Shawn for stopping by and for dancing. Your new sweatshirt looks
sweet. We are now addicted to the Sin Fang Bous song, Lies, that we listened to
(on repeat) while you were here. Everyone else should be, so we are sharing.

Listen to this brilliance!