blackblue eats

At BlackBlue, if we are not working hard, we are eating...hard?
No. Well. (That's the word I'm looking for).
Here's the evidence.

Here, we had stopped at Punch Pizza after that amazing trip
to Rex Mills Printing, and had real Neapolitan pizza.
I don't exactly know what that means but it's really good.

This morning we went to Birchwood hoping Anna was working.
Sadly she wasn't. She broke her pretty leg biking so
she's taking sometime off work. I did get a salad,
because frankly, all this eating is starting to show.
But the salad had loads of amazing bacon. So. Huh.
I don't know.

The other day, we went for a nice burger lunch at Red Stag Supper Club
after we stopped next door at City Salvage to pick up some
store fixtures. By the way, CS still won't let us buy that
taxidermy pheasant. We want it to be our store mascot, too.

We've been searching for the perfect rug (to tie the room together.
There's a Big Lebowski reference for you. Boom!) and Cahoots
Coffee shop has some pretty amazing vintage Persian rugs. Every
time we stop there to ogle at them, we eat at The Neighborhood Cafe
for some good, greasy, American breakfast goodness.

Once in a while, I will whip something up. Steve calls it
Chicken Goodness at Big Mama's House. I usually blast
the music and wildly dance to it while cooking. Fun times.

We also let our friends give us food. This one afternoon, we had paid a visit to Kathleen, my good friend and former boss
at her store,Whitney Books Prints and Maps. We had a great time looking through her ridiculously amazing collection of
antiquarian prints and maps. Then after, we went to Anna's house for really good burritos and some hula-hoopin'.
What a really good friend!

Last weekend, we went to Stillwater, a half hour drive outside the city to do some antiquing and
water sports at the St Croix river (does skipping rocks count a as water sport, you ask? You bet.)
Steve was kind enough to carry my big African bag all day. I think he carried it well.
While there, we ate at Savorie's Bistro, this little french place and had some super super
(I like the word super) nice foods.