bo and pendleton

This is Bo. Bo was one of first people to ever buy
BlackBlue stuff and now she has become a good
friend of the store's.

This Saturday, she cruised over on her long board.
Absolute style! She was such a sight (in her amazing
thrifted sweater, black jeans and Pony high tops) we
had to seize of the moment. Photographically.

After trying on shoes, we decided to throw her in a
couple of the new Pendleton shirts and go outside for
a ride and photo times. Eventually Steve joined Bo with
Fran├žois who was excited to finally get a skating buddy.


Bo is also wearing a sweet Alternative Apparel heather
t-shirt in some of the images and Steve is wearing an
Original Penguin polo. And in the last two images, he
put on one of new Hyden Yoo jackets.